Importing bigger sql statements gets stuck

I am using a MySQL database hostet on There I want to fill the data using an SQL Dump file.

However it seems like there is some kind of throttling going on as it takes hours to import the data and ultimately it ends up with a lost connection.
When I run the dump file on a local database it takes less than one minute.

Am I missing something obvious here?

Added databases and removed sqlite

Can somebody help? :slight_smile:

Hi… I was hoping that someone who is more expert in MySQL could jump in, but in the meantime, perhaps you could say more about the details of how you were importing—and also what you’ve been seeing in the logs, metrics, etc.?

Fly does have anti-DDoS mechanisms, and they plausibly could have gone awry here, but that wouldn’t be my first guess…

@T-Jak-T You could consider leveraging fly sftp to push your SQL dump file into your VM. At that point, you should be able to run the restore process just like you do locally.

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yeah @shaun that sound promising :slight_smile:

I was able to push it to the machine by using fly sftp but somehow the file does not seem to appear on the folder when I connect to the same machine via fly console.

I am using the -a parameter to connect to the machine via the app name.
Do I need to push it to some specific folder?

If you have multiple Machines, you may want to specify -s as well.

What I typically do is:

Get a shell going with:

fly sftp shell -s

Assumes the file.dump is in your projects root directory.

# put <local-path> <file-name>
put file.dump /data/file.dump

This will push the file.dump file into your Machine at path /data/file.dump.

I hope this helps.

Perfect! I was able to solve it now. :slight_smile:

Although I needed to recreate the app and use a specific MySQL version to get it to work.

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