SQL lite db

Hello, Is there a way to connect to SQLite db install on fly.io server to review data.

As data entry on my development server is working fine and same is giving error on fly.io server.
My development stack is based on Remix.run.


I suggest you to tell us what that error is.

SQLite is mainly just one file - so there is no reason why that would not work on fly.io.

The issue is its just gives Unexpected Server Error. How to debug this? Other data entry form works while this one gives error on save. Or anyway to see the website server log?

You can run fly ssh console -C "sqlite3 <path-to-database>". The Remix Indie stack includes a shortcut for this, so you can run fly ssh console -C database-cli.

Is there is a way to bulk upload data or review the data from SQLite3 db? Or how I can connect to SQLite3 db installed on server? So I can manipulate data. Thanks

There is command in sqlite prompt .import
.import FILE TABLE
I want to know where should be this FILE? Is this file belongs on my local pc?

Nevermind got it. Thanks