I have no IPV4 and I must ping.

I had started working on a distributed nginx cache in the early days of fly (well, early in my awareness). Got distracted, destroyed the app, but liked the app name.

Fast-forward to the very helpful nginx CDN example and I’m taking another crack at it. Maybe I’ll add overmind and imaginary, and figure out purging. Who knows, we live in the future.

Anyhow, I deploy the new code under the old app name and can’t complete http requests. fly info shows no V4 & V6 addresses assigned. My requests curl up and die.

fly ips allocate-v4 & fly ips allocate-v6 both result in
Error An unknown error occured.

But lo, fly info is now showing v4 & v6 allocations… But curls bring no joy.
So I ping the hostname, and get an IPV4 response that weirdly doesn’t match the allocated V4 showing in the dashboard and from fly info.

All of this to say… I’m assuming having a duplicate named app caused some issue with IP/DNS allocation and/or the CNAME records and that I screwed up by quitting the first time.

The app name is ephemera and I’m sorry for the mess and thank you in advance for any help.


Wow I don’t know what exactly happened here. It should have assigned you IPs and updated DNS when you first deployed. And then allocating IPs by hand also should have worked.

I cleaned it up for now, we’re going to add some checks to notify us when that kind of thing happens.

Like magic @kurt – Cleared my local DNS cache and the new IP’s popped.

Sorry for the trouble and thanks for the fix.