I can't deploy remix app (indie-stack) with Github Actions and cmd line deploy

Hi, I’m trying to deploy a remix app (indie-stack) that has a pre-config Github actions. I’ve tried to deploy with Github Actions and manually and both returns different errors:

  1. First error with GithubActions
==> Building image
Searching for image 'registry.fly.io/training-saas:main-ba534ae714aeeab32b9d78e09ff6282b3648e76d' remotely...
Error failed to fetch an image or build from source: Could not find image "registry.fly.io/training-saas:main-ba534ae714aeeab32b9d78e09ff6282b3648e76d"

This is the same name on fly.toml app variable:

app = "training-saas"
  1. Second error with fly deploy
2023-01-22T19:09:57.640 app[74d6f1b8] gru [info] + npm run start
2023-01-22T19:09:58.072 app[74d6f1b8] gru [info] > start
2023-01-22T19:09:58.072 app[74d6f1b8] gru [info] > remix-serve build
2023-01-22T19:09:58.460 app[74d6f1b8] gru [info] Error: Cannot find module 'is-plain-obj'
2023-01-22T19:09:58.460 app[74d6f1b8] gru [info] Require stack:
2023-01-22T19:09:58.460 app[74d6f1b8] gru [info] - /myapp/build/index.js
2023-01-22T19:09:58.460 app[74d6f1b8] gru [info] - /myapp/node_modules/@remix-run/serve/dist/cli.js 

Which doesn’t make any sense to me.

In my last attempt, I also tried to run fly deploy --local-only which gave me the same error.

Anyone can help me?

Edit: I also tried to deploy the template from Remix and with the same results:

I had the exact same issue. For me I managed to fix by installing is-plain-obj: npm i is-plain-obj

And then deploying the app works.

I had similar issue with other packages while deploying my remix app. And had to install the packages to make it work.

Not sure if the root cause is from fly.io or remix.