I can't deploy remix app (indie-stack) with Github Actions and cmd line deploy

Hi, I’m trying to deploy a remix app (indie-stack) that has a pre-config Github actions. I’ve tried to deploy with Github Actions and manually and both returns different errors:

  1. First error with GithubActions
==> Building image
Searching for image 'registry.fly.io/training-saas:main-ba534ae714aeeab32b9d78e09ff6282b3648e76d' remotely...
Error failed to fetch an image or build from source: Could not find image "registry.fly.io/training-saas:main-ba534ae714aeeab32b9d78e09ff6282b3648e76d"

This is the same name on fly.toml app variable:

app = "training-saas"
  1. Second error with fly deploy
2023-01-22T19:09:57.640 app[74d6f1b8] gru [info] + npm run start
2023-01-22T19:09:58.072 app[74d6f1b8] gru [info] > start
2023-01-22T19:09:58.072 app[74d6f1b8] gru [info] > remix-serve build
2023-01-22T19:09:58.460 app[74d6f1b8] gru [info] Error: Cannot find module 'is-plain-obj'
2023-01-22T19:09:58.460 app[74d6f1b8] gru [info] Require stack:
2023-01-22T19:09:58.460 app[74d6f1b8] gru [info] - /myapp/build/index.js
2023-01-22T19:09:58.460 app[74d6f1b8] gru [info] - /myapp/node_modules/@remix-run/serve/dist/cli.js 

Which doesn’t make any sense to me.

In my last attempt, I also tried to run fly deploy --local-only which gave me the same error.

Anyone can help me?

Edit: I also tried to deploy the template from Remix and with the same results: