Remix Indie Stack Deployment Error

Hello, I am trying to deploy a boilerplate Remix app with the Indie Stack, my repo is here. I am running Node v20.10.0 and have followed all the deployment steps and am getting this error:

Node.js 16 actions are deprecated. Please update the following actions to use Node.js 20: SebRollen/toml-action@v1.0.2, superfly/flyctl-actions/setup-flyctl@v1.4. For more information see:

I assume it has something to do with my version of Node conflicting with the referenced actions, but I have no idea how to fix the issue. What do I need to do here?

You can see my action log here.

Any guidance is much appreciated. Thank you.

Private repo

That is odd. I changed the visibility before posting. Should be public now.

Not even your github account is appearing huhh

Ugh, I am trying to get in touch with github support about my profile showing 404. It shows up when I’m logged in. Very frustrating.

Can you show the dockerfile without any confidential info?

Sure thing, here it is:

# base node image
FROM node:18-bullseye-slim as base

# set for base and all layer that inherit from it
ENV NODE_ENV production

# Install openssl for Prisma
RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y openssl sqlite3

# Install all node_modules, including dev dependencies
FROM base as deps

WORKDIR /myapp

ADD package.json package-lock.json .npmrc ./
RUN npm install --include=dev

# Setup production node_modules
FROM base as production-deps

WORKDIR /myapp

COPY --from=deps /myapp/node_modules /myapp/node_modules
ADD package.json package-lock.json .npmrc ./
RUN npm prune --omit=dev

# Build the app
FROM base as build

WORKDIR /myapp

COPY --from=deps /myapp/node_modules /myapp/node_modules

ADD prisma .
RUN npx prisma generate

ADD . .
RUN npm run build

# Finally, build the production image with minimal footprint
FROM base

ENV DATABASE_URL=file:/data/sqlite.db
ENV PORT="8080"
ENV NODE_ENV="production"

# add shortcut for connecting to database CLI
RUN echo "#!/bin/sh\nset -x\nsqlite3 \$DATABASE_URL" > /usr/local/bin/database-cli && chmod +x /usr/local/bin/database-cli

WORKDIR /myapp

COPY --from=production-deps /myapp/node_modules /myapp/node_modules
COPY --from=build /myapp/node_modules/.prisma /myapp/node_modules/.prisma

COPY --from=build /myapp/build /myapp/build
COPY --from=build /myapp/public /myapp/public
COPY --from=build /myapp/package.json /myapp/package.json
COPY --from=build /myapp/ /myapp/
COPY --from=build /myapp/prisma /myapp/prisma


I just ran the equivalent docker image and the node version was 18.19.0.

Is the error on the ci/cd or on execution?

I am getting the error in the Github action tab when I push to the repo. Here is screenshot:

You probably should check the runner node version, i even think there is a link there from github actions.