HTTP requests from old web app still hitting new site

This is an interesting one. I had a Django web app deployed to a different hosting service. The web app used a custom domain I removed any DNS pointing to the Django app and linked this domain to my Fly App.

Everything works perfectly. The only weired thing is that without any traffic on the website I am getting GET/POST requests showing on the Metrics tab. All of these request are failing (404). The requests apparently point to views that do not exist on the current app but did exist on the old Django app.

How can i be getting requests for the old app in the new one? The old django app is not exposed to the web in any way.

Any thoughts?

This sounds like it could be a DNS propagation issue. What DNS service are you using, and did you switch it over recently?

I was using Cloudflare as a DNS provider, but since does not work well with CF i had to switch back to GoDaddy.

I switched DNS when I switched between the two apps (Django vs New app). This was 2 days ago now

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