http connects, but no request on the machines

My App behaves weirdly.

When I manage to visit the page once successfully, then I can use it just as usual. And this is not cached. I generate log entries with every hit.

But when I want to shift-reload, use a private window or try a wget from the Terminal, then I have issues. It loads forever. The Browser then timeouts. The wget on the Terminal stays in the same state for minutes before I kill it.

➜  wget
--2023-07-18 14:42:52--
Resolving ( 2a09:8280:1::42:35c1,
Connecting to (|2a09:8280:1::42:35c1|:443... connected.

For me, it is really hard to debug, because I don’t know what is happening under the hood between accepting the request and routing to my app server…

Strange! Could you run fly logs to see if there’s any output? Might be useful to leave those streaming while you try opening it in a browser and refreshing/wget-ing

Are you able to run it locally and fresh load it multiple times?

Strange. Without an additional change, it is working now. Even multiple Shift-Reloads later.

The strange thing is, that this issue also happened with the website itself. When it first occurred, last week, I wanted to directly go to but the page did not load after a shift-reload…

I will keep an eye on it and try it from different ISPs.

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