Dedicated IPv4 & Free Tier

Hi there

I have a single app (shared-cpu-1x@256MB) which uses a dedicated IPv4 address, needed for UDP traffic.

Starting next month, will I get billed for it?

The last bill stated $2.06, but it also mentioned that you don’t collect bills under $5. This got me confused a bit. Will I be billed or not?



Billing for IPv4 will begin on Feb 1, so you’ll see this charge reflected in your March invoice, since charges will be from the previous month. If your bill is $2.06, it’s likely that the charge will be carried forward into the next few months (April and May) until $5 is reached (probably in the May invoice ~$6.18 assuming no other charges are incurred), at which point we will charge the credit card associated with your account.

Hope that’s clearer!

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