How to update DNS on godaddy to use

Hello- brand new to & following the Use a custom domain · Fly Docs page.
If in godaddy when I tried to add a new cname such as:
type: CNAME
Name: @ (root)

Also in my godaddy dns I see record A @ Parked. (not sure if I need to delete this or keep it)

then click add I get the error message “Record data is invalid”

so then I tried with IP & created 2 new dns records:
type: A
Name: @
value: 66.241.999.99 - This is the v4 ip address

type: AAAA
name: @
value: 2a09:9999:1::34:328b:0. - this is the v6 ip address which is the same I got from the command “fly certs show

when I go to the domain chrome says it cannot be reached.

Can anyone please assist me in understanding what needs to be updated in godaddy or to have my godaddy dns point to my app?

thanks in advance for any & all info.

Also what i have learned is when a user navigates to the domain with www the page does not load; for example: However if we go directly to the domain such as the page loads correctly.
I created a new dns record that is: CNAME WWW
Anyone know what needs to be altered for the site to show when someone goes to the site with the www?

I added the following:
CNAME www.

OK I think I finally figured it out. I’ll post this for anyone in the future maybe this will assist them.

When the domain was working after adding the A name pointing to my IP and the AAAA name with the cert value and the domain will show with with no “WWW” subdomain.

then when navigating to with the www subdomain it will show correct.
When searching much of the documentation was showing add a CNAME www but this didn’t work since the value needed to be my url from in this case I finally realized this after using this command fly certs create . I see why & how to resolve this issue now it took me quite a bit of tryal n error but just wanted to share how I resolved it for anyone in the future who had the same issue.

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