How to monitor usage?


What is the best way to monitor my monthly usage and restrict it so that I don’t run into costs I am not ready to incur?

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Here’s what you probably want to do:

  1. Make sure your VMs are the free tier size: flyctl scale vm shared-cpu-1x --memory=256 (this is the default)
  2. Disable autoscaling and only run a single VM on your apps with: flyctl scale count 1.
  3. Run only three VMs, either 3 apps with one each, or 3 instances in one app

Most of our services don’t create unexpected costs, things that cost money (volumes, larger VM sizes).

The one exception is outbound bandwidth. You get 160GB free each month, overages are cheap but still cost money.

You can see what you’ve used so far on our usage page:


Hi Kurt, is it possible to see usage relative to the free tier or the current tier you’re using? I know that there’s a specification for free tiers but I’m running a few apps on and I have no idea how to do the math even with the numbers I’m getting from usage.

Is it possible say to have something such as, “You currently used up 200 hours and have 1,000 more free hours until we start charging you.”

It’s also confusing to say that you have 8,436,960 free seconds/month and then state 5d 13h 17m 44s in Usage. Your units of time are confusing. I don’t think people would mind dropping the days and the seconds.

I also write about this because I’d like to get to have an estimate of how far the prepaid credits will last me so I can estimate a budget for server costs with my team.

There’s no great way to see usage relative to free tier, but showing everything in hours is a great idea that we can implement quickly.


But yeah, I was trying to create a calculator for it on Google Sheets: Pricing Calculator - Google Sheets

But I ran into some issue figuring out how the free tier works and how I can subtract that to figure out my total usage. Do you subtract from the 2,300 hours you give on ANY type of instance? Or are the 2,300 hours limited to the shared-cpu types of instances?

Ok the usage page is updated to be hourly (and pricing is too!). See if it makes it a little easier to read.

The free ~2,300 hours are only for the shared-cpu-1x instance types. The dedicated-cpu-1x and larger types don’t have a free tier, we just bill per second from the time you boot those.