How to force Flyctl to open browser to authenticate

When I run flyctl auth login in the terminal
and then enter my email address and password, along with my one time password in the CLI,

I encounter this error:
Error Incorrect email and password combination

Is there a way to force flyctl to open the login page in the browser instead of the CLI?

Linux -Ubuntu

If you aren’t using interactive method during the authentication, flyctl usually opens a browser for authentication.

It looks like an older/corrupt version of Fly’s CLI was installed so the fix was:

For Ubuntu,

  1. Go to ‘Ubuntu Software’
  2. Locate the Flyctl installation
  3. Uninstall it.
  4. Re-Install it
    If you receive Unable to install flyctl: snap "flyctl requires devmode or confinement override then use the Linux command found here: Installing flyctl · Fly Docs which is currently: curl -L | sh
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