Flyctl now prompts you to log in if you're not currently authenticated

Flyctl, as of v0.2.27, will prompt you to log in inline if you’re not already logged in, instead of telling you to run fly auth login and try again. Specifically, you’ll see the prompt:

? You must be logged in to do this. Would you like to sign in? (y/N)

If you press Y, you’ll be taken to our login page, and upon completion of that your command will finish like normal.

There are a few situations where this won’t happen. Specifically, CI runs or runs with certain flags set (currently, --now, --quiet, --json, or --yes) will retain the old behavior of exiting and telling the user to authenticate.

This will hopefully make it a little smoother to set up new machines with flyctl, and it should also reduce some of the friction when getting started with for the first time.

While we’ve got UX on the mind, it seems like a good time to ask: what pain-points do you run into with flyctl? We feel like we have a pretty tight feedback loop with all of you (and we love that!), but I think it’d be most appropriate in this thread to sweat the little things.