Flyctl installation instructions need to be better

I’m trying to make an account on, the documentation is telling me that I need to install this tool called flyctl , okay, sure i’ll install it.

Using the Linux command curl -L | sh , okay looks like it worked, it says to now either sign-up or log in.

Running flyctl auth login I just get a permanent message in my terminal “Waiting for session”. I assume it’s trying to open a browser or something, but i’m just working from a terminal. Nowhere in the documentation does it say you need a desktop environment and a browser installed.

I just signed up and was confused there for a moment too. It would be ideal if the CLI printed a URL in addition to opening a browser, because it opened the wrong browser, and I had to log in again.

It does for me.

bittermandel@es-jgrahl:~/projects/bpl-backend$ flyctl auth login
Update available 0.0.283 -> v0.0.285.
Run "flyctl version update" to upgrade.
failed opening browser. Copy the url ( into a browser and continue
Waiting for session...⣟ 

Printing the url is a good suggestion.

@Bill_Gates if you are on a server without a browser you can use the --interactive flag which prompts for credentials instead.

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It might be because the browser opening failed. It doesn’t outright fail on my computer (Ubuntu 20.04) but it opens the Firefox profile manager, forcing me to load a browser profile that I’m not logged in to. Then I have to log in again instead of pasting the URL in the browser where I’m already logged in.