How to display full build output

When building with fly deploy --build-only, the Docker build steps don’t display the full output, i.e. when I put RUN echo "hello world" in my Dockerfile, I don’t see hello world.

What I tried:

  • Adding --verbose to fly deploy didn’t help
  • With plain Docker this can supposedly be fixed with the --progress plain option, but I don’t know how to pass this to fly deploy
  • Buildkit has an environmental variable BUILDKIT_PROGRESS=plain, but when I use --build-arg BUILDKIT_PROGRESS=plain, I still don’t see full build output.

How do I display the full build output with Fly?

Hi @multi-party-8731, I think if you set NO_COLOR=1 before running fly deploy, you’ll get plain (and, incidentally, monochrome) Docker build output.

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Thanks! That helps. Would be good to include this in the documentation, preferably with a better name, or combined with --verbose.

Debugging the build output is a very common and early need (while disabling color is not), and how to do it isn’t discoverable, except via this thread now.