Would be great to have `release_command` output shown when running `fly deploy`

Similar to What happened to `release_command` logs?

Just migrated our bin/rails db:prepare from Heroku’s release step to Fly’s release_command.
And I reeeally miss the ease that we were able to inspect which migrations have run, how much time each of them took, etc. Without each of the devs on our team having to have a degree on the fly CLI.

Not even running with all possible debug/verbose options it shows this release_command output :confused:. Eg. LOG_LEVEL=debug flyctl deploy --debug --verbose ....

Do me a favor. Open an issue on flyctl.

It looks like we currently only show the logs on failure:

It looks like it would be straightforward to add || flag.GetBool(ctx, "verbose") to that condition.

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`fly deploy` with `--verbose` should show `release_command` output. · Issue #3510 · superfly/flyctl · GitHub Done :white_check_mark:.
Thanks for the quick response @rubys :bowing_man:.

It has been released with flyctl v0.2.47 (Release v0.2.47 · superfly/flyctl · GitHub). Just need to make sure to use the --verbose option. I can confirm it is already working on our Github Actions to make the deploy :+1:.

Thanks @rubys :zap:.

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