Using inline buildpacks


Our current build process for fly is to use fly’s buildpacks support (specifying a paketo builder and buildpack). We’d like to add some additional packages to the built image prior to deploying (specifically: redis). It looks like we could use an inline buildpack specified in project.toml to accomplish this, but I’m not sure how that interacts with fly deploy. The only other option I can think of is switching to Dockerfile builds (either combined with buildpacks by using pack locally to generate an image, and then doing FROM .. in the Dockerfile, or just switching to a Dockerfile entirely). Running multiple processes using Procfile seems simple enough, so I was hoping there’d be a simple way to accomplish this. Another (ugly) solution would be to install redis using a release_command, but obviously that’d be a last resort.

We’re using local builds for now, but understanding how this would interact with remote deploys would be useful as well.


I’m sorry we missed this!

I don’t have experience with inline buildpacks, but if pack can do it flyctl can as well. You could also try the old style redis buildpack with a CNB shim. Release tasks won’t work for this since they run in an ephemeral VM that’s discarded after the task. But it sounds like your app has just enough specific build requirements that a Dockerfile might be easier.