How to deploy changes to fly.toml

I’ve deployed the app and this is running.
Then I’ve updated fly.toml to include a http_check. However I can’t find a way to deploy this changes.

I’ve trying setting a secret (to force re-deploy): fly secret set DEPLOY_COUNT=0
I’ve tried making change to the code and then running: fly deploy

I can see i can generate the fly.toml from the running app. but I want the opposite of this.
Shouldn’t the configuration drive this or am I expected to figure our the right fly ... command to add the http check and then re-generate fly.toml from the updated app?

Thank you.

From your project’s root dir, execute fly deploy -c </path/to/fly.toml> to create a new deployment.

Or, use an existing docker image fly deploy -c </path/to/fly.toml> --image<app-name>:<image-id>

For non-Machine apps, you can fetch previous deploys (and current image) with fly status -all -a <app-name> (docs).

See: Installing flyctl · Fly Docs

And: flyctl deploy · Fly Docs

Thanks for your help. This worked :clap: