Deploy cmd with toml config from stdin


The deploy command is fly deploy for using the fly.toml from the current directory or fly deploy -c path/to/toml to specify the path of the config.
But is there a way to pass the config file in stdin ?
I tried cat conf.toml | fly deploy -c - but it is not working.


I’m not sure there’s an way to do that through flyctl directly but I believe there’s combinations of bash commands we can use to make that possible!

  1. Do something that outputs a toml
  2. Pipe into a tmp file
  3. fly deploy -c /path/to/tmp/file

ok, if it’s not possible at the moment, because the point of my question is to avoid creating a file.
The scenario would be: A third party program would spawn the flyctl deploy command with a dynamic fly.toml.
So not writing a file but passing it in stdin would be nice.

There’s two other options in case creating a tmp file is out of the box

  1. Look into fly deploy --help to see if you can do everything you want through flags`
  2. Use and run a deploy without flyctl (our CLI just uses this API behind the scenes!)
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Oh nice!

So which api endpoints are used in case of deploy command and set secret command with flyctl?

Our CLI is open source so you can find examples for everything

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