How is everyone Handling Dev/Stage/Prod

Hello! Right now, I’m trying to figure out best practices in setting up dev, stage, and prod accounts. My initial thought was to create three separate organizations and invite my team to those.

The only problem with this is that my fly credits from my YC deal are linked to a single org. Is there a way to have a credits/billing shared cross org?


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Are you against having one single org, with 3 separate apps inside it? What benefit does 3 separate orgs bring? (just curious)

Mostly prevention from mistakes in dev affecting production apps. It seems dangerous to mix accounts. I wanted to follow similar practices to how AWS/GCP accounts are typically set up.

Think separate orgs is the recommended approach. It helps with db, redis etc. isolation as well since by default any app in the org can connect to them per network security rules.

Also helps having prod users be less than say lower environment ones where other engineers/team members may have member access and create/scale resources as needed.

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