stages aka. environments

I am currently creating two organizations prisma and prisma-preview because are ending up with UI that looks like this:

And it seems that the direction isn’t great.

I’m wondering though what Fly will be providing one day if anything with regards to first class concept of stages aka. environments.

And for now is splitting at the organization level acceptable or will I have headaches by doing this.


Splitting at the org level is what you normally do in the cloud.

Staging/prod subscriptions in azure. Staging/prod orgs in aws… and so on :slight_smile:

Unified billing for more orgs would be great to lower paperwork though.

Depends on the abstraction level Fly wants to have. Vercel for example has the concept of stages built in.

Absolutely, but Fly solves for a very different complexity and at a different layer than Vercel thats for the most part a cdn and a backend for frontend hosting service.

Once you start getting into HIPAA and other regulated industries you have to have separate environments that cant even reach eachother :slight_smile: