How do I upgrade a volume to a larger size?

Is this possible? Do I just get a new volume and then unnatach and reattach? Is it okay to delete a disk of a running app? None of my data needs to be preserved.

My big problem is I have two DFW instances because I tried to make a second DFW disk to upgrade it to and now two of my VM’s are just in DFW and ignore my ATL :confused:


This is a little clunky on our part. Try running flyctl vm stop <id> on the instance attached to the volume you want to remove. It should start a new one in ATL, and then you can delete the old volume.

This is the right way to upgrade a volume though.

I think I found a bug for you.

I removed the small disk in DFW.

Here’s volume list

vol_--gk9vw729r76wm8 atlanta 40GB atl                1 day ago
vol_--0l9vl2emr635d7 data    25GB dfw    --2e10fb    3 months ago
vol_--me1498l9vowpln data    25GB sjc    --d36bcb    3 months ago
vol_--7xkrky8k4w2q9z data    25GB iad    --eb012f    3 months ago

And here’s flyctl status

--2e10fb 147     dfw    run     running 2 total, 2 passing 0        13h3m ago
--eb012f 147     iad    run     running 2 total, 2 passing 0        13h3m ago
--d36bcb 147     sjc    run     running 2 total, 2 passing 0        13h4m ago

Nothing is starting in ATL after a few minutes.

Running Scale show confirms I’m looking for 4 VM’s

App name is edge-reverse-proxy

Any ideas?

This does look like a bug.

I noticed your app does not use the atlanta volume though. I’m not entirely sure how our systems behave if you have 2 different volumes (well, different names) of different quantities.

Try adding a mount for it in your fly.toml like you have for your data volume?

I’m not sure if using a different name for this volume was intended.

Oh I see! If you create a new volume with a name not specified in your fly.toml it’ll never attach because… well why should it?

I’m going to delete and recreate the volume with the same name and see if that helps.

Edit: Ah! No disk space :confused: even after I just gave back my 40gb.

Try now? I’ve cleaned up a bit.

Still nothing for flyctl volumes create data --region ATL --size 40, will try again in a few minutes or if you say try again.

What error are you getting? I’m looking into it.

←[31mError←[0m Couldn't allocate volume, no disks available (region: ATL, size_gb: 40)

@austincollinpena Try atl instead of ATL :slight_smile:


This is why I always post my commands because 99% of the chance it’s a silly mistake on my part like it was here.

I appreciate your commitment to giving me fast answers, thank you @jerome and @kurt

Sure thing!

Well we should lowercase whatever input we get :slight_smile: I’ll fix that in a minute!

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