How do I know if my migrated application is using new postgres or old heroku postgres?

Is there anywhere in flyctl or the online dashboard where I can see which postgres instance is being used for the database? Obviously, I can rotate my heroku postgres credentials (after deleting the webhooks) to see if the site breaks, but I would like to know if there’s a way to do that without potentially breaking the website.

I think the only real way is to check the DATABASE_URL secret since that’s what my Django code is using to connect to the database, but I don’t believe I can view that.

When I execute flyctl postgres list, I get “No postgres clusters found”. This leads me to believe that my application is still using the heroku database. If I’m understanding this correctly, then I would like to know how best I can migrate the postgres database from heroku to and then repoint the DATABASE to the one on

Thank you!

The migration through turboku was fantastic! Mighty congratulations to the team for being poised and prepared for this big day!

Now having gone through the exercise of creating a pg cluster, I believe Turboku did not migrate my postgres database for me. I wish this was clearer. In any case, it now seems abundantly obvious what I have to do to migrate the databases. Thank you for this excellent service,!


You are right, turboku does not migrate your Postgres from Heroku and it should be clearer. There is ongoing work to improve the docs there. And maybe even automating the Postgres migration but that will depend on some Heroku knobs that we have no control over.

I’m a little late here, but there are some details on how Turboku works here: Turbocharge your Heroku Apps with New Turboku · Fly