Error when migrating from Heroku


Trying to migrate from Heroku to Fly, and once I got passed the first problem, I’m now hitting an error when trying to do the migration.

Looking in the dashboard, it has created the app, and it does appear to have copied over the secrets, but then I’m unsure what else it’s actually done.

I assume the migration tool at Heroku · Launch on will not migrate my postgres database at the same time? Or should that get taken care of as well?

At the moment turboku doesn’t migrate your Postgres database but since it migrates your ENV vars your DATABASE_URL should still be pointing to heroku postgres, assuming it’s still up. Perhaps there are more of the logs (fly logs --app cinemaplanner) you could share?

@rugwiro Unfortunately, when I go to the monitoring tab, all it shows me is this

The status button on the top right is always saying “Pending too”, so it definitely feels like a step has been lost during the migration.

Something must have gone wrong when we tried to contact the Heroku API. Can you delete the app and try again?

Yeah, I tried that too, gave me the same thing. Is there anything I can do to help debug this further?

Under the hood, the web based turboku is using flyctl, get yourself a Heroku access token and you can try this manually with: flyctl turboku <heroku-app> --org personal --heroku-token $HEROKU_API_KEY. It should give us a clearer picture of what’s failing. You should also run with LOG_LEVEL=debug flyctl ... for good measure.

I’ll also note that turboku is a convenience tool and may not work for all heroku apps including but not limited to container apps.

If it doesn’t work for you, manually deploying with flyctl would be your best bet: Your best bet is to download flyctl and deploy manually: Speedrun! Deploying to Fly! · Fly Docs

I wonder if that’s my issue then? The app I’m trying to migrate is a docker deployment.

Yup, that’s exactly why. It doesn’t work for docker deployments. If you have a dockerfile flyctl launch followed by fly deploy should get you well underway: Deploy Your Application via Dockerfile · Fly Docs

Thanks, I’ll take a look.

Does fly deploy take care of building the container as well. I will hopefully be migrating my deployment github action and want to just check that it’s as simple as it looks

It does! Though you can build the container locally and push it to us if you choose (with fly deploy --local-only)

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Awesome, thanks @eli. Now I just need to migrate my postgres db and I should be rockin’ :slight_smile:

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