How do billing credits work?


I’m new to and find the billing system quite confusing. I’ve purchased $25 in credit, hoping to avoid any surprise charges. I read that investing in credit is recommended for those who don’t want unexpected bills.

However, I don’t see an explicit option to specify that I only want to use my credits. This is concerning, especially since I have a credit card attached to my billing account. I assume the system automatically uses my credits first, but I’d like confirmation on this.

Additionally, I’d like to know what happens if my costs exceed $25. Will my service be suspended without any charges beyond my credit balance? Would I then need to purchase more credit to resume services?


It might be worth sending an email to since I’m not sure what happens when those credits are exhausted.

Correct, credits are consumed first.

If you still have an amount due after all your credits have been used, we will charge your card. We don’t suspend your Machines if you’re overdue, but you will be prevented from deploying until you pay off any amount due.

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