High latency in Upstash


I’ve noticed high latencies with my Redis Upstash instance.

I don’t really know what to do here. My staging app shows everything normal with a different instance under the same conditions.

It is clearly not overloaded.

Any clue?

Hey @Caco ,

There are some incidents recorded around that time. Specifically a degraded performance on us-east-1 Kafka.

For future checks, you can visit the Upstash Status site.

I hope this helps,
Sergio Turpín


The latency is still the same. My staging app is connected to another instance in the same region and it works perfectly.

For latency purposes, more information can be found on their Upstash Latency Benchmark page.

Keep me informed :slight_smile:
Sergio Turpín

Clearly far from what I expect

Hi @Caco ,

If your staging app is connected to another instance and works perfectly, I recommend that you check the requests your application is making to the redis instance, in addition to checking the status.

List of all of your Redis databases:
$ flyctl redis list

Fetch its status:
$ fly redis status [name-redis-instance]

Ensure that your database is deployed in the same region as your application, the traffic is automatically routed to the nearest replica, or in the absence of nearby replicas, to the primary instance.

Keep me informed :slight_smile:
Sergio Turpín