Healthy Phoenix instance, but no logs

I deployed with the --verbose flag and everything seems to be healthy, but when I go to the dashboard and look for the logs I get this result.


I assume the dashboard gets its data from the same place but it’s worth checking the CLI and seeing if you get any logs output there. That’s my first go-to for logs anyway. From the app folder:

fly logs

Is that output empty too?

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I did get logs out of the command line

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All of my apps are currently having issues returning logs through the UI, phoenix apps, database and log shipper. Viewing through flyctl sometimes works - other times they’re just empty.

I have the problem, too. No logs in the UI and no logs from the commandline.

Hello everybody :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ve been having the same problem for a couple of days now.

No logs in UI.

On the command line it usually works but doesn’t do any back logs, whereas before it would show recent logs, now at best I only get logs created after running “fly logs”.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen several issues this week, the change to the heroku node buildpack seemed to kickstart things for me…

Cheers !

Hi folks. Sorry to hear you’re having issues with logs on the dashboard.

For now, our CLI should be able to show logs on the latest version and as for the dashboard we are working towards fixing this temporary issue

We temporarily disabled UI logging because it was using a polling mechanism. It got pretty popular and then DoS’ed our API! It’ll be back soon and backed by our nats endpoint: Fly Logs over NATS

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