Hanging when running `fly secrets import path/to/file`


In the past I have been able to import secrets from a secrets file using the command fly secrets import path/to/file. I was trying to test setting up a new app though, and this time fly just hangs when I run this command, and won’t accept control-c. I’ve forcibly killed it a couple times and tried again but get the same results.

The exact command I’m running is below. I’ve also tried with just passing in the app name.

fly -c fly/myapp/fly.toml secrets import ../secrets

Note that I can run the following just fine.

fly -c fly/myapp/fly.toml secrets list

Is something broken on Fly’s side?


Oh man, silly mistake. I forgot that I had been running it as the following.

fly secrets import <path/to/file

I forgot the <. :man_facepalming:

All good here. :sweat_smile:

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