Secrets not working

For the past hour or so, any operation with secrets (list, set…) results in the following message:

Error Could not resolve VaultSecret

Application status seems to be ok, I see everything is green in and the app is running fine, but I cannot operate with secrets.

I don´t think it is related, but the activity page in ( apps/ «applicatiion_name»/ activity) also shows a 500

@kurt I too am having this issue. I’ve not changed my secrets in 60 days. In the last 15 days I’ve not been able to modify my secrets and the error returned is the same.

@denis @gorka could you share the app names?

edit: never mind, we found the issue and are working on a fix

@gorka @denis you both should be set now, will you give it another try? Our database and the vault instance we store secrets in was out of sync for one of your apps.

Also, @gorka, I apologize for missing this last week.

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Thanks for :eyes: at this @michael

I was able to successfully deploy secrets. I am all set @kurt. Thanks for the fix!

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I’m getting the same thing. What is the fix?

❯ fly secrets list
Error Could not resolve VaultSecret

Hello, we run into that issue again.

❯ flyctl secrets list
Error Could not resolve VaultSecret

Also the dashboard page “activities” returns a blank page with text “500”

@Dustin can you try now? There was an invalid secret referenced in your app config that was causing trouble. Totally our fault.