Guide to set up Actual Budget as a web-only app - not on my Windows machine - so my wife on can also log in from her Mac?

Hi all,
Actual Budget is free open source budget app that is competing with YNAB. It’s great - with a great community - but their documentation seems a bit old and talked about getting to a terminal page in - but that url keeps throwing me back to the Dashboard. Any other ideas? Cheers all!

You can follow the same instructions but just install the fly CLI tool on your machine:

Under that same guide they mention 2 ways to do it, you can follow the 2nd way (local installation):

What is being installed locally is the tool to deploy your fly app, not the ActualBudget app that you want to deploy. Once you run the fly deploy command in that guide, your app will be available over the internet even though you ran the command on your local machine.


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