GRPC server on Machines App not reachable

I have a GRPC server setup with tls Fly handler, I setup using the guide Run a Machines App Using flyctl · Fly Docs
The relevant port parameter I provided was -p 44444:44444/tcp:tls where GRPC server is on port 44444

Everything comes up however the GRPC traffic never reaches the server in microVM. The server binds to in container.

To verify that server is up and running I ssh into machine and run grpcurl with localhost and it works.

The error on client side using the public DNS of App is following:

                Custom {
                    kind: UnexpectedEof,
                    error: "tls handshake eof",

Is this a a Machine mis-configuration ? or something related to fly-proxy? Or something else ? Any help in right direction would be very helpful. Thank you.

This is working on Apps V1 with the tls_options, which is not somthing configurable for machines.
So likely something related to Machines

You should be able to add that same tls_options to the services block in the machine config. See if that helps?

Thank you Kurt.

Before posting this I noticed thattls_options is not documented on Create Machine API page

Moreoever I anyway went ahead and tried to included tls_options in the API payload - which API server accepted, however on making a GET call to fetch Machine I did not see it in response.

This is from my memory I tried last time, I havent had the opportunity to retry it yet after your suggestion. Hopefully soon.

Thank you.

Retried this again today, seeing same behaviour that GRPC is not reachable on Machines. Following is the service block for machine config:

        "protocol": "tcp",
        "internal_port": 44444,
        "ports": [
            "port": 44444,
            "handlers": [
            "tls_options": {
              "alpn": ["h2"]

This should be fixed in the latest flyctl v0.0.524. Can you give it a shot?

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Indeed it works now!

Thank you for great product and your support!