Failed TLS Negotiation with HTTP/2 on Machine V2


I’ve have a gRPC service running on Machine V2.
I configured the machine to use the tls_options = ['h2'] to allow http/2 traffic from the proxy.

  services = [
      ports = [
          port     = 443
          handlers = ["tls"]
          tls_options = { "alpn" = ["h2"] }
          port = 80
          handlers = ["http"]
      "protocol" : "tcp",
      "internal_port" : 80

When i try to connect to the underline service with a gRPC client using tls i get the following error:

rpc error: code = Unavailable desc = connection error: desc = "transport: authentication handshake failed: EOF"

If i connect to the service without TLS it works.

Any idea on why this might happen? It has been a couple of days trying to figure it out :frowning:

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This should be fixed in the latest flyctl v0.0.524. Can you give it a shot?