GRPC server not working

I’m trying to set up a grpc server, I’m pretty much a noob at this server stuff and I’m having a pretty rough time.
I expose address “”, as per my toml file

Since I’m communicating with other servers I want to deploy using grpc with tls, I’m gonna need credentials - since I have no clue where they are on the fly machine - I generated them myself using openssl and included them in the build.

server = grpc.aio.server()
credentials = #my stuff
server.add_secure_port(address, credentials)

I asked gpt and it said because fly io manages the tls termination at their edge network, the traffic between the client and the servers is encrypted using TLS.

so I’m going to use
I just wanna make sure this is true before I deploy
I looked at the fly io grpc guide, but I can’t even get this bit working.
Appreciate advice, bless.

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