Free usage quotas and violating terms of service

I was reading the terms of service and paragraph 5.e. caught my eye:

You may not access the Services in a manner intended to avoid incurring fees or exceeding usage limits or quotas

It had generally been my understanding that it is encouraged to create new organizations to get access to additional apps and storage within’s free usage quotas. In theory, the Graphql API could even be used to automate such a thing, giving access to infinite (albeit fairly limited) free apps.

Would that be a violation of clause 5.e.? The wording is pretty vague (which I’m sure is on purpose), but I struggle to see what else it could be referring to, except maybe abusing bugs in the billing system or something.

Hi there!
We don’t really encourage multiple orgs to avoid incurring billable usage. If a user in good faith needs multiple orgs, that’s okay and we will encourage that usage. If the goal is to scale stuff across multiple orgs specifically to keep reusing the free tier, then that is a ToS violation.
I hope this answers your question!

It does answer my question, thank you very much!

I thought I remembered reading some documentation that gave off a much more liberal vibe with regards to free apps, but I can’t find it anymore so I guess it’s either already been updated or I’m misremembering.

We have started being a little more restrictive when we talk about this. Heroku killing their free tier sent a lot of people our way who are purely interested in free VMs and don’t really see any value in what we’re doing otherwise. We’ve also been fighting off a lot more abuse. It’s wrecking some of the fun. (but only some!)

Oh that makes sense, I didn’t realize Heroku migrations could be a problem for you that way. Thanks for the clarification!