Free Tier and Billing

Hi all I am new to fly! I was previously hosting my site on AWS Elastic Beanstalk and have several servers up on heroku.

I wanted to make sure I understood the free tier limits with respect to my billing details. For some reason it shows my usage in seconds and bytes rather than hours and GB =>

| — | — | — |
|1 × Hobby Plan (at $0.00 / month)|$0.00|-|
|380391 second × VM: Shared CPU (Tier 1 at $0.00 / month)|$0.00|-|
|1865515691 Byte × Outbound Bandwidth: North America and Europe (Tier 1 at $0.00 / month)|$0.00|-|
|1 certificate × SSL: Certificate (Tier 1 at $0.00 / month)|$0.00|

This is a copy and paste of my current billing details this month, so I just want to make sure these values are reflective of the free tier allowances.


that’s a good point re: units on our invoice. I’ll make sure to surface this feedback for the rest of the team! The current settings express the precision of our billing model, which keeps things simple, but using larger units might be more readable, most of the time.

it looks like your current usage is well within the free tier range (though of course bandwidth is highly variable).

so tier 1 is the free hobby tier, and that number (380391) is the number of cpu seconds you’ve used so far-- roughly 105 hours’ worth. You’ve got up to 8436960 cpu/seconds a month before you are billed.

Likewise your bandwidth is well under the 100 GB outbound transfer for the North America/Europe regoins, at about 1.73 GB ( 1865515691 / 1073741824 ). You also get 30 GB for India, and 30 GB for Africa and the rest of Asia Pacific. These prices reflect the fact that upstream ISPs have different rates they’ll charge for traffic in different parts of the world.

You might have already seen this, but a complete description of the free tier quotas can be found on our pricing page.

for more discussion on the billing model and usage spikes, you might find the following thread useful as well:

for detailed questions about your specific usage, please feel free to send an email to if you’d like!

Thank you for confirming what I thought! Very helpful

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Sorry to open up an old topic but I was looking at the free allowances and it doesn’t actually specify how many free compute seconds you get.

I was checking some things to see what was incurring a charge and found my answer here but it would be nice to also include the 8436960 cpu/seconds in the pricing page.