[FRA] App hanging on "is being Deployed", then not starting at all

I’ve tried today to deploy next release for my App with some small fixes, few times.

The App stuck on is being deployed and after few hours I’ve tried to restart the VM with fly vm restart <vm-id> after that the VM is not spinning up, is stuck on setting up volume
Screenshot 2023-01-20 at 16.55.21

Please help, i can neither restart the machine nor spin up another one. It’s stuck on Settung up volume ... since yesterday :frowning:

I believe we have the issue fixed now. Can you give it another try?

It’s fixed indeed, thank You!

I would like to know what can i do if similar problem happens in the future. I couldn’t force reboot the container via CLI, or even export the data from my persistent volume to spin up the app somewhere else.