flyctl secrets list Error Could not find App

Hi there,

I logged in to in the terminal and tried to run “flyctl secrets list” but got the error “Error Could not find App”. Anyone know what could be the issue :frowning:


Total guess however there is an ongoing issue: Status - Delayed state updates: expect more retries for new deployments

I’d suspect that’s the cause. When that shows as resolved, your issue should be too.

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Hi! This might be because flyctl doesn’t know what app you want to view. (Unfortunately, the error message that flyctl secrets currently gives isn’t very clear.) Make sure that one of the following is true:

  1. You’ve specified the name of the app on the command line: flyctl secrets list -a <app name>.
  2. The FLY_APP environment variable is set to the name of your app.
  3. You’re running flyctl in a directory with a fly.toml for your app.

flyctl will determine the app name to use by checking these three sources (in this order).

If this doesn’t work, you might be trying to view an app that doesn’t exist, or it might be an issue communicating with the Fly API.

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Quick update: we’ve merged a PR to make flyctl give clearer error messages in the case I described.