flyctl deploy option is not working as expected.

I’ve a app which uses machines since couple of months. To update the image I used to just use fly deploy in the directory where all the relevant files are present. This works/worked until now.

Today I updated my flyctl version to v0.0.462, since then flyctl ignores service section entries in fly.toml which results in request not getting proxied to the app properly. This problem goes away when i use v0.0.456

This is what the output looks like (no service section in config) when i use v0.0.462

fly m status machineID -d

  "env": {
  "init": {},
  "image": "deployment-01GSJRBFBDN0431TXQ9NVBR0G8",
  "metadata": {
    "fly_platform_version": "v2",
    "fly_process_group": "app",
    "fly_release_id": "akRvx4BJJDKR8uMJBzQGvwYp",
    "fly_release_version": "11",
    "process_group": "app"
  "restart": {},
  "guest": {
    "cpu_kind": "shared",
    "cpus": 1,
    "memory_mb": 256