flyctl v0.1.47 - Cannot deploy, clone and list machines

My github actions deployment workflow started to fail roughly two hours ago. Flyctl freezes during deployments, and even when attempting to list machines with fly m list.

Everything is green on, though.

It looks like the issue was introduced by v0.1.47.

I can deploy after rolling back to v0.1.46.

I’m seeing a bunch of issues with flyctl as well. How did you roll it back?

I use github actions, so I just pinned the flyctl version to v0.1.46:

- name: Set up flyctl
  uses: superfly/flyctl-actions/setup-flyctl@dfdfedc86b296f5e5384f755a18bf400409a15d0
    version: 0.1.46

You can also download the flyctl v0.1.46 binary here:

For example:

tar -zxvf flyctl_0.1.46_Linux_x86_64.tar.gz
./flyctl --help

I too was having many issues until downgrading to v0.1.46. Thanks for figuring it out.

We reverted the breaking change in v0.1.47, and it should be available in v0.1.48.


I can confirm that updating to v0.1.48 fixed the issues.

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