flyctl deploy in an ephemeral environment

I’m not able to run:

flyctl deploy --config fly.toml

Validating fly.toml
Error: You must be authenticated to view this.

I can’t log in via fly auth login because this is an ephemeral environment with no browser and no user interaction.

I have tried to use the access tokens, however, I still get the same result:

flyctl deploy --config fly.toml --access-token $FLY_API_TOKEN

Validating fly.uat.toml
Error: You must be authenticated to view this.

we’re not using github actions, so my question is - how do I accomplish automated deployments in a pipeline where the environment is ephemeral and I cannot access the browser prompt to login when executing fly auth login?

Thank you!


have you validated the token is as you expect? see: How to use a FLY_API_TOKEN in a Pipeline (CI/CD) - #2 by tvdfly

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