fly vol fork target region

I’m looking for a fly vol fork command that allows me to specify a target region, but it doesn’t seem to exist. Is there any reason why the region flag doesn’t exist?

Hi @smorimoto
There’s no region option, because right now you can only fork a volume on the same host.

Will it be supported? Once it’s supported, we don’t have to wait 24 hours to get a snapshot, it’s really useful to be able to “truly clone” a machine!

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I don’t have any more info on that at the moment, other than what’s stated in the Limitations section of the post I linked to above!

@smorimoto We have some cool stuff in the works that would make this possible. No promises on when, but hopefully sooner than later.


That’s great! We’re doing that by using a snapshot for now, but the experience and the hassle and the lead time to deploy is not quite good, so I’m hoping that will improve!

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