Cross-region Volume Fork

We have released cross-region volume forking in flyctl v0.1.147. Now you can fork a volume from one region to another.

If you want to move your app from one region to another and want to clone the volume in addition to. You can “fork” a volume from flyctl.

% fly volume fork vol_nvxgqp6pp7geqlj4 --region iad
                  ID: vol_q4qw9d8jk2m65x84
                Name: data
                 App: withered-wildflower-5588
              Region: iad
                Zone: 5555
             Size GB: 3
           Encrypted: true
          Created at: 18 Jan 24 23:44 UTC
  Snapshot retention: 5

Please note that a new volume will be in hydrating state for a while (depending on the size), but machines can use the volume during the state.

% fly volume list
ID                      STATE                   NAME    SIZE    REGION  ZONE    ENCRYPTED       ATTACHED VM     CREATED AT     
vol_nvxgqp6pp7geqlj4    created                 data    3GB     sea     6da7    true            148ed09ea40468  1 month ago   
vol_q4qw9d8jk2m65x84    hydrating               data    3GB     iad     5555    true                            41 seconds ago

Let me know if you have any questions, comments and/or requests!