Fly Supabase down?

The current downtime ( Status - API Unavailable) has been listed for a while. My Fly Supabase instance has been inaccessible for most of that time as well, both to my apps and in the Supabase console.

I assume this isn’t a coincidence? Would be nice to have confirmation of that though before debugging further.

This database is still offline. It’s a beta service so I can’t complain too much, but it would be nice to have a known cause. Still inaccessible through the Supabase dashboard and through the connection URLs, though both Fly and Supabase have green status pages. Any ideas?

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That’s good feedback! We should make it clearer who to contact. We’ll take a look at what happened there.

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Thanks, assumed so in the end yeah. Waiting on a reply from their end, just getting used to who to contact in these partnership cases. No stress anyway.

It’s back up for now in any case so fingers crossed. Thanks!

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