Any issues/downtime last night/this morning?


I noticed lots of down/up alerts from around 00:05 to 00:25, and then again around 03:00. Each of my apps seems to have gone down, though briefly. I think they are all/were running in lhr.

Were there any issues? I didn’t do any deploys yesterday or touched the apps so I didn’t do anything at my end. They all seem to be back up now.

There’s a network issue in auxiliary services, but I don’t think that would have affected running apps:

Are the apps single instance apps? It’s possible that one of the hosts was rebooted, but you shouldn’t see much impact if you’re running multiple instances and/or across regions.

Some are single instance, others run in two.

Hmm. A network issue would maybe explain it as there would be brief loss of connectivity and then they would connect again. The time CST-> GMT would roughly correspond.

Ah well. I guess these things happen.