fly ssh hangs partway through output


I’ve noticed that I frequently have issues with SSH - the console itself is unusable as at some point (almost immediately) it just hangs in a way I cannot recover it, partway through some command output.

It hangs even if I do something basic like try to curl google:

the -C is the only way I can cancel the SSH session - trying to drop into the console just renders the terminal itself useless, neither ctrl+c nor ctrl+d work.

I thought it was somehow RAM related, but doubling it did nothing.

app name is sn-bindgen-web but I’m not sure how this can be app specific.
fly version is latest:

$ fly version
fly v0.1.34 darwin/arm64 Commit: 41e0a9e0f9583bc3a67faa22f70bd60a22133415 BuildDate: 2023-06-12T08:00:52Z

Terminal is WezTerm but I confirmed the same in ITerm, so not sure if it’s related at all.
Stopping the agent didn’t help (it’s responsive to pings)

Hey there,

That definitely is a little strange, and I agree with you, that I don’t think it is app specific. You seem to be doing everything right… the only other questions I have for you are:

  1. What internet are you using? (wifi or hotspot)
  2. Are you using a firewall?
  3. This might be a little strange but have you tried restarting your computer? I had an issue once with multiple SSH sessions where it also hung and oddly enough it was fixed from restarting my computer.

Side note- when trying to cancel the SSH session does typing out the word ‘exit’ work for you? Also I believe you can type ~. and that will get you out of a stuck session.

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