Fly Machines <-> Apps

I’m starting to dig deeper into the Machines API (really liking what I see!), but stumbled over this error message when attempting to create a machine on an existing App:

Apps for machines must be created via the Machines API.

Is there a particular reason for this? What makes a Machine App special?


Hi @julianrubisch

That error message likely means that you’re missing the proper fly machines app.

If you’re trying to create machines then you need to create a specific machines app first using the machines API before you can create the actual machines.

You can also use the fly apps create --machines command to create your machine app.

This documentation goes into a little more detail on how to create the machines app and the machines itself

Just to answer your question about what makes a machine app special and why you need it.

Machines are lower level primitive than Fly Apps were previously. And they’re our first step to replacing nomad. At the moment machines app don’t particularly do anything (yet) and are just a grouping mechanism on our end.

The reason you need a separate machines app and can’t use your existing nomad fly app is we thought having both nomad and machine stuff in the same app would just be too much.

Cool thanks! I might be following up with more questions because the docs are quite sparse yet - but the support you do in the forum is amazing :green_heart: