fly-log-shipper failing in fly app

Hi people,

I have been tryig to get the logs from my org in to Datadog and hasn’t been successful. I set up the fly app using fly log shippe (GitHub - superfly/fly-log-shipper: Ship logs from fly to other providers) and setup the secrets correctly as suggested in the readme file.

Currently what I’m seeing in the logs on fly is this:

2022-10-13T05:44:48Z [info]2022-10-13T05:44:48.226686Z INFO vector::internal_events::api: API server running. address= playground=
2022-10-13T05:44:48Z [info]2022-10-13T05:44:48.240376Z INFO vector::sinks::blackhole::sink: Total events collected events=6 raw_bytes_collected=7661
2022-10-13T05:44:53Z [info]2022-10-13T05:44:53.583323Z WARN sink{component_kind=“sink” component_id=datadog component_type=datadog_logs component_name=datadog}:request{request_id=1}: vector::sinks::util::retries: Retrying after error. error=Client request was forbidden.

This message is displayed multiple times and then:

→ v12 failed - Failed due to unhealthy allocations - no stable job version to auto revert to and deploying as v13

I’m going crazy on this and read about every post there is on log-shipper in fly community but couldn’t find an answer.

Any pointer what I might be doing wrong?

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Hello, I just happened to bump into your post. For anyone else stuck with this, just wanted to update that this might be happening because an earlier version of fly-log-shipper used to always send traffic to the us datadog DC. In the latest one, there is support to change the DC to eu.

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