company administration (require MFA, require VPN etc.)

EDIT- Small caveat - I’m sure these questions are very basic, but I couldn’t find them in the docs. A link to the relevant page would be fantastic. Thanks ahead.

Hi all, looks like a great no-ops tool for us that can really help us focus on applicative code instead of devops.
There are a few things that are a must for me but I could not find them in the docs:

  1. Can I require usage of a WireGuard VPN to perform CLI actions and/or connect to the DB? Can I require a different connection per environment (to prevent accidental changed in production)?
  2. Can I manage users in my company? Add/remove/invite users, require MFA?
  3. Do Fly apps have static IP ranges that never change so I can add them to whitelists in other IaaS/PaaS services?


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