as a VPN tunnel/proxy: Updating config?

Right now, I am using a small VPS to handle this, but my current provider is … not so good, let’s put it that way. But what I have managed to do is to set up a neat infra where I use Softether VPN to link my home server to my remote server, use Caddy to reverse proxy to where requests need to go - be it on the remote server itself or on my home server, in which case the VPN IP is used to send requests. I even managed to synchronize the TLS state via Redis!

But, as I mentioned, my current provider is not so good… So I want to move to home-hosting, entirely, but keep using my Softether setup as a makeshift/selfmade cloudflared or ngrok. So far, so good; just making a docker image that starts Softether and Caddy is pretty trivial.

However, I would like to know how I can best work with config files. I am not used to deploy containers - I have been using VPSes for a long, long time.’s free tier is perfect; neither Softether nor Caddy need more than 250MB, ever. So that should be super sufficient to just host effectively a “frontend”.

How do I handle config updates - and file storage in general? I am currently using Wasabi’s S3 API to store encrypted off-site backups (via rclone and the crypt layer). Would that be an option, and if so how do you guys do it?

Thanks and kind regards!

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