Syncthing and

Hey all, I would like to host(in a cost efficient way) syncthing( on a VPS to get a somewhat centralized experience for it.
I also would like to deploy small web applications that I make in my free time, to get more experience with backend programming.

I’m currently deciding between Linode and, Linode seems a great fit, but docs are awesome and I am reading wonderful things about it.
But from the description, I get the impression that something like a syncthing server might not be the best fit for I say that because I see a lot of web frameworks related content for

Hi @zetashift

You can run pretty much anything on if you can package it as a docker container.

Looks like syncthing has a docker container already available so you should be fine running it on

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Thank you! :smiley:

So according to the Docker README of syncthing this is the command to get syncthing running in a container:

docker run --network=host \
    -v /wherever/st-sync:/var/syncthing \

And locally this does work for me, I could successfully navigate to the Syncthing web ui that was running in the container.
But how do I convert that command to something workable for Write a custom Dockerfile that pulls in and exposes ports?

Sorry for the question, in general new to Docker.