Best Ubuntu+Nginx Reverse Proxy setup?

Hi Everyone!

I’m looking for a Fly optimized nginx Reverse proxy set up. I know I can just use a Ubuntu+Nginx docker image, or even just build one myself, but I’m looking for any best practices or tips on how best to configure Fly as a caching reverse proxy for my project.

I’m using flyctl in production already and am familiar with all it provides. We’re using the Fly Certificates for SSL generation as well, so no need to generate SSL inside the image.

Side topic: Any recommendation on using Caddy as a Caching Reverse Proxy instead of Nginx?


We have a very basic nginx example here:

Now we think that we should have good examples for larger nginx use cases, probably using OpenResty:

This is an important part of a full stack image service, too. I’d rather write TypeScript but nginx + lua is incredibly powerful.